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Based on Senator Fulbright’s charged quote, “We must dare to think unthink¬able thoughts”, the interdisciplinary theme set the stage for a day of creative brainstorms on social innovation, provocative questions to rattle the establishment, and talks that electrified a diverse community, representing 83 nations. Whether of courage in the face of oppression, ingenuity at a time of stalemate, or discovery from inspired research, the talks, set to the theme “Dare to THINK”, addressed overcoming challenges of great depth and variety.


TEDxFulbright composed a full-day program from 9:30-6:00 for 430 participants with 15 speakers (6 -18 minute talks), 2 musical performances, 3 networking breaks, catered lunch, facilitated networking activities, champagne and cookie reception, and the Experience Lab, an interactive space with project and product demos.


Ingo Zamperoni

Meet the TEDxFulbright Host: Ingo Zamperoni, Medium Magazine’s Journalist of the Year in 2013 and Save the Children Ambassador

From Germany, Mr. Zamperoni joined the TEDxFulbright program, giving the stage a personality without comparison. Among the most popular TV Correspondents in Germany, he now serves as the German ARD Network’s Foreign Correspondent in Washington, DC, where he also spent his Fulbright year in 1998. (Photo by Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin)