The US Chamber of Commerce: a symbolic venue

TEDxFulbright 2014 was held in the US Chamber of Commerce building, located on historic Lafayette Square, mere steps away from the White House’s North Lawn. The main stage was located in the building’s grand Hall of Flags, named for the banners of twelve great explorers of North America that hang within it, and which highlights TEDxFulbright’s theme: “Dare to Think.” TEDxFulbright’s international list of speakers echoes the Hall of Flag’s illustrious record as the site of important addresses by US and world leaders including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Rajiv Ghandi, Corazon Aquino, Anwar Sadat, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. The event’s interactive and social sessions were held in the building’s former open air courtyard, whose well-lit and airy layout encouraged free thought and exchange for the 400 participants from 83 nations.